Awards for Students on MEM Programme

A number of awards are given on the MEM programme to recognise good performance, and encourage students to excel. The current awards are outlined below.

Shell Medal and Prize

The Shell Medal and Prize is awarded to the student graduating from the MEM programme who attains the best overall performance among the cohort, as indicated by the final Cumulative Average Point (CAP).

Shell Best Dissertation Award

The Shell Best Dissertation Award is given annually to the student of the MEM programme who has written the best dissertation in the graduating cohort of that year. The award is made on the basis of the final marks obtained, the difficulty of the topic chosen and the value of the research outcome. A number of the top candidates for each cohort are required to make presentations on their dissertations to a committee to determine the winner of the award.


The AECOM Prize is awarded to the group of students which submits the best work in the Environmental Master Planning exercise which forms part of the module, DE5107 Environmental Planning.