The MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002





“Master Plan Proposal for Spatial Incorporation of a Water Infrastructure Proposal ”




Asso Prof Joseph Lim

Department of Architecture

School of Design and Environment

National University of Singapore









Saturday , 30 March 2002

10:00 am - 12 noon

Masters Resource Centre Room 2  SDE 2   Level 3









All are Welcome


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Jennifer @ 874-3563 or e-mail





Global concerns on the sustainable use of natural resources provided the impetus for research into water reclamation from wastewater within the Singapore context. This research studies the use of a water infrastructure system as an integral element of architecture and the urbanscape, thereby reducing need for the large area requirements associated with centralized treatment plants. The decentralized plants could possibly break up the large contiguous plots of land otherwise needed, into smaller but integrated fragments, which could be incorporated within a housing scheme.  This would liberate more usable space in the ground plane of the urban housing master plan, enabling water-edge and waterscape relationships within both its private and public domains.  The study explores a hypothetical Master Plan with housing typologies, and outlines the design concepts involved in developing appropriate treatment processes for co-location with urban housing public zones.






About   the  speaker


Associate Professor Joseph Lim teaches Architecture and Urban Design in the graduate studios of the Architecture Department, NUS.  He has research interests in the area of deployable structures and urban prototypes that integrate infrastructure with architecture.


Joseph obtained his PhD in Architecture from Heriot-Watt University.  He leads the Department’s Research Teaching Unit in Design Technologies.  Joseph’s student works on structures has been featured in the book, “Foundations in Architecture: An Anthology of Best Beginning Design Projects” by Cappleham Owen, Michael Jordan and J E M Lim, published in the United States by MacGraw Hill in 1993.


Joseph received two Honourable Mentions in the 6th SIA Architectural Design Awards 2001 for his design of the Core Curriculum Office, NUS (now known as the University Scholars Programme Office) and his community expedition project where he led a team of architecture students to build a village school hall in North Thailand.