The  MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002


A Proposal for an


“Earth Charter” for Singapore



Representatives from the

Nature Society of Singapore 


Patrick Neo 

Shawn Lum

Clive Briffett

 Chua Sek Chuan 


                       Date          :         Saturday, 22 September, 2001

                       Time           :         9.00 am   -  11.00 am

                       Venue       :         Lecture Theatre LR 425

                                                    SDE 3,   Level 4

                                                    School of Design and Environment


Abstract :

This  seminar is a presentation by  representatives of  the Nature Society Singapore, an established non-government environmental organization founded in 1954, on the future need to conserve natural resources and to move towards a more sustainable way of living. The seminar will present possible options for meeting the future needs of Singapore society in attaining an improved and sustainable quality of life for discussion. These  options  are presented as a proposed "E.A.R.T.H. CHARTER " , which encompasses the following precepts: 

v     Education for the Environment

v     Anticipate by Assessment

v     Respect for Resources

v     Trust in the Trees

v     Honour your Heritage

After the presentation by the speakers, participants are invited to  present ideas, discuss strategies and interact with the presenters.


About the Speakers :


Mr. Patrick Neo

Executive director of the Nature Society Singapore;

He has many years of experience in the commercial sector and he brings his expert management skills and a fresh angle into the operation of Singapore’s oldest green NGO.


A/Prof. Shawn Lum

Vice- President , Nature Society of Singapore;

Associate Professor, National Sciences Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University(Singapore)

His research interests include Plant evolutionary ecology, Systematics and phylogeny, Population genetics, Conservation biology.


A/Prof. Clive Briffett

Chairman of the Research and Consultancy group of the Nature Society Singapore;

Associate Professor, Department of Real Estate, School of Design and Environment, NUS.

His research interests relate to studies of the interaction of the natural and built environments and to the effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment and the potential for Strategic Environmental Assessment in Asia/Pacific.


Mr. Chua Sek Chuan

Chairman, Marine Conservation Group of the Nature Society Singapore;



This seminar is open to all staff and students of NUS and NIE.  Kindly complete and return the attached reply slip to indicate your interest. For more information, please call Jennifer at 874-3563 or e-mail <>