The MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002




“Nature Conservation in Singapore: the Question of Values”



Dr Ho Hua Chew

Chairman, The Conservation Committee of The Nature Society






Saturday , 19th January 2002

10:00 am - 12 noon

Masters Resource Centre Room 2 (SDE2 Level 3)




















All are Welcome


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Over the past decades, the cause of nature conservation in Singapore had gained momentum, culminating at this stage in the government's announcement of two new nature reserves. Many rationale or arguments for nature conservation were given by conservationists without considering carefully their local relevance or impact. The talk will discuss and review the various values that have been proffered in support of nature conservation with an attempt to arrive at a value orientation that would be most appropriate for conservation in the Singapore context.



About the speaker

Dr Ho is currently the Chairman of the Conservation Committee of The Nature Society (Singapore) and has been actively involved in conservation work on behalf of the Society for over a decade.  He has contributed to the formulation of The Society's Master Plan for the Conservation of Nature in Singapore as well as various conservation proposals pertaining to terrestrial nature areas. He has a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Washington as well as training in the field of applied and landscape ecology in the UK. He has also previously lectured on Environmental Ethics in NUS for many years.