The MEM Seminar Series 2001/2002









Mr Sam Tsen King Foh

Marketing & Business Development Manager

ECO Industrial Environmental Engineering Pte Ltd (ECO-IEE)







Saturday , 16 March 2002

10:00 am - 12 noon

Lecture Room LR 425  (SDE3 Level 4)











All are Welcome


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This presentation will show the waste situation in Singapore and other parts of the world and some of the worst case scenarios. The author provides an overview of management and recycling activities in Singapore and an account of  the development of the waste management industry from the early nineties to the present  where there is active participation in the industry by multinational companies. Problems faced by industry  players in the past, technologies  brought in to resolve them and new opportunities will be  presented. The coverage will also include the creation of the recycling park and the provision of special assistance to jump-start the recycling industry and to increase recycling. Finally, the following question is posed :  Given Singapore’s limited land area and relatively small market size, how and where will the waste management industry develop in the future?



About   the  speaker

Sam TSEN is a graduate from the National University of Singapore.  He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering and a MBA degree.  His area of interest is in waste management, ESHQ management and metal finishing.  He is currently the Marketing and Business Development Manager at ECO Industrial Environmental Engineering Pte Ltd (ECO-IEE). He is responsible for promoting affordable waste management and recycling to the emerging markets in the region.  He regularly shares his technical and business experience in industrial waste management with officials from countries in the region who wish to develop their waste management infrastructure.  Sam has spoken at the Water & Waste Technology Conference 2001 and other forums, as well as the MSc (Industrial Engineering) program at NUS. He has worked for Motorola, LeaRonal and PCI prior to ECO-IEE. ECO-IEE is a homegrown waste management company that provides toxic industrial waste management and  industrial  and  commercial waste recovery services in Singapore.