The MEM Seminar Series 2002/2003





“Strategic Environmental Assessment in Europe and the UK - Implications for






Dr Clive Briffett

Environmental and Building










Friday , 14 February 2003

6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Executive Room ER 5

SDE 2  Level 3




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This seminar will focus on Strategic Environmental Assessment, its benefits, its effects on sustainability and its relevance to Asia.  It will examine  the new guidelines for UK and f the recent European Directive 2001/41/EC.


About the speaker


Clive Briffett is an environmental and building consultant who has been practicing in South East Asia for over twenty years from a base in Singapore and Hong Kong.  He has a  PhD in Planning and an MSc  in Environmental Management and Assessment from Oxford Brookes University, UK; and a further MSc  in Architecture (Building Economics and Management) from University College, London. He is a Chartered Building Surveyor and offers consultancy work in building pathology and maintenance management as well as environmental management and impact assessment. His research interests relate to studies of the interaction of the natural and built environments and to the effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment and the potential for Strategic Environmental Assessment in Asia-Pacific.. He is the chairman of the Research and Consultancy group of the Nature Society Singapore and has edited several books on environmental issues in development and conservation. He has also edited a book on building maintenance technology in tropical climates and has authored two books on the Birds of Singapore. He also conducts training courses on environmental issues throughout  the South East Asia region.