The MEM Seminar Series 2002/2003





“The Role of Law

in the Politics of Sustainable Development




Mr Joseph Chun Hoe Kiat

Dept of Real Estate

School of Design and Environment

National University of Singapore








Saturday , 08 February 2003

10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Executive Room ER 4

SDE 2  Level 3




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At the core of the sustainable development discourse are the concepts of intra- and intergenerational equity in the sharing of access to the Earth’s resources.  As the World Commission on Environment and Development observed, unsustainable environmental and developmental decisions are often the result of disparities in economic and political power amongst those affected by such decisions.  Theories from political philosophy and the sociology of science suggest that this disparity in economic and political power can be greatly narrowed through the provision for fair and competent public participation in environmental and developmental decision-making.  In this regard, while the law maintains minimum standards of fair and competent public participation, its dominant ideologies also inhibit further progress towards fairer and more competent participation in decision-making, and the ultimate goal of sustainable development.




About the speaker


Joseph Chun (LL.B. Hons., NUS) (Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore; Solicitor, England and Wales) joined NUS as a senior tutor in 1997 after several years in legal practice.  He read for his Ph.D. in environmental law at University College London from 1998, and recently submitted his thesis on the contribution to sustainable development of the law relating to public participation in radioactive waste regulation for examination.  Joseph's professional interest in sustainable development law is primarily derived from his personal interest in the relationship between law and politics.