The MEM Seminar Series 2002/2003









Mr  Joseph Hui


Strategic Planning & Research Department

National Environment Agency









Saturday , 03 August 2002

10:00 am - 12 noon

Executive Room 4   SDE 2   Level 3






Open to students and staff of

the MSc (Env Mgt) programme





For more information, please call

Jennifer @ 6874-3563 or e-mail





For  the  past  three  decades,  Singapore has based her environmental management   policies   on  the  principle  of  balancing  development  and environment.    It   treats   economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability  as  two  sides  of  the  same coin.  They are complementary aspects  of  the  common  goal  of  a  healthy  economy with a clean living environment.  Development  need  not  be  achieved  at  the  expense of the environment.


The  success of the environmental protection measures is evident today and  Singapore has an environment that is clean and green.  The ambient air quality  comply  with  the  ambient  air quality standards set by the World Health  Organisation  and  US  Environmental Protection Agency.  The inland waters  support aquatic life and the coastal waters meet recreational water standards. Singapore today enjoys a high standard of environmental public health.


The talk will discuss the environmental management policies adopted and illustrate the effectiveness of preventive control in managing the environmental impact of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation.



About   the  speaker


Joseph Hui obtained his Master of Engineering in Environmental Science at the University of Western Ontario, Canada and his B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, UK .


He was with the Anti-Pollution Unit in the Prime Minister’s Office for 9 years as Senior Engineer, and 18 years with the Ministry of the Environment in the Pollution Control Department and the Strategic Planning & Research Department, where he held positions as Chief Engineer and Head respectively.


He now heads the Strategic Planning & Research Department in the Environment Ministry’s newly-formed National Environment Agency.