MEM Seminars, 2016-17



31 Mar 2017

“Simplifying Corporate Sustainability”
-- by Dr Charu Jain, Senior Manager, Sustainable Manufacturing Asia, Burberry (S) Distribution Co Pte Ltd

10 Mar 2017

“Corporate sustainability 3.0: Moving beyond commitment”
-- by Ms Leong Li Sun, Global Sustainability Manager, DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd

24 Feb 2017

“Remember Chek Jawa: Lessons for the Straits of Johor”
-- by Dr Daniel Rittschof, Professor, Marine Science and Conservation, Duke University Marine Lab

03 Feb 2017

“Where have all the Birds Gone? Avian Survival and Extinction in Human-Dominated Landscapes of India”
-- by Dr Ghazala Shahabuddin, Senior Fellow, Centre for Ecology, Development and Research (CEDAR), India

11 Nov 2016

Asia Environment Lecture: “Growing, Growing, Gone? How to Prosper while Protecting the Global Commons”
-- by Dr Andrew Steer, President and CEO, World Resources Institute, Washington DC

21 Oct 2016

“The Legal and Policy Implications Relating to Developing the Colombo Port City in Sri Lanka ”
-- by Dr Asanga Gunawansa, Legal Consultant, Asian Development Bank

30 Sep 2016

“Construction and the Sustainable Development Goals: the role of research and knowledge transfer”
-- by Prof George Ofori, Department of Building, NUS; former MEM Programme Director (2010-2016)

16 Sep 2016

“Nature inspired innovation in an Engineering Organisation”
-- by Dr Richard Kwok, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd

12 Aug 2016

“Climate Change: First-hand witness – MEM Students in Antarctica ”
-- by Ms Prerna Shah and Ms Quang Nu Tuong Nhan, MEM Alumni

05 Aug 2016

“The Road from Paris – Implications for Business and Society ”
-- by Mr Constant Van Aerschot, Executive Director, Business Council for Sustainable Development, Singapore