The MEM Seminar Series 2003/2004


It has been said that life is a competition  f or available energy, whether with a virus, plant, or animal. Much of present human history has been shaped by the pursuit of advant ageous forms of energy, from coal, firewood from trees, oil, gas, hydroelectric, or nuclear. In this seminar, we will discuss approaches to meeting energy service needs which create high value jobs, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, and reduce energy use.  A win-win mindset will help to add value to the Singapore economy, and open our eyes to the challenges of the 21st century.

About the Speaker

Known globally for his singular contribution to energy efficient cleanroom and building design, Lee Eng Lo ck is the Chief Technology Officer/Director of E-Cube Pte Ltd. An engineering graduate of Surrey University in the United Kingdom , Mr. Lee has been designing building electrical and mechanical systems for the past two decades. Mr. Lee's accomplishments in clude the design of over 100 commercial and industrial buildings. Mr. Lee has also developed several building energy software products and is an expert in super-high accuracy building monitoring. He has been a featured speaker at conferences throughout t he world.

Mr. Lee , as a pioneer of super-efficient designs of cleanrooms, hotels, and office buildings , has routinely designed electrical and mechanical systems that use half the energy of standard buildings. Mr. Lee was responsible for optimizing the super efficient world headquarters, office/assembly complex of Compaq Computer in Houston , Texas . He was also one of the primary advisors on the development of the E-Source State of the Art Technology Atlas for cooling systems.

Mr. Lee has also taken a special interest in energy software development. With Supersymmetry he has developed Electric Eye, a three-dimensional data visualization tool. Electric Eye is now being used by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of California at Berkeley, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, British Colombia Buildings Corporation, and Entergy. Enerlyst, an energy monitoring and remote data collection software, was also developed by Mr. Lee, speciali z ing in high accuracy energy measurements. The use of the web based tools and systems for education, feedback, training, maintenance, benchmarking, and others is now being extended to the hotel industry, with the Grand Hyatt Singapore being the first in the world to commit to a groundbreaking project which has excited international support from many agencies.



Public Seminar on 

Jobs, Pollution & Energy”


Mr. Lee Eng Lock
Chief Technology Officer
Director of E-Cube Pte Ltd


Saturday, 21 February 2004

10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Executive Room 5

SDE 2 Level 3


All are Welcome



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