A Short Course on Environmental Ethics

2nd October 2004






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Environmental ethics is concerned with the basis and justification of environmental policy and actions. It aims to bring together contributions from philosophy, law, economics and other disciplines that relate to the present and future environment of humans and other species; and to clarify the relationship between practical policy issues and more fundamental underlying principles or assumptions.


This short course will provide an introduction to the several major approaches that have been put forward by contemporary environmental thinkers to promote a benign and harmonious relationship to the non-human world. The fundamental concepts, underlying assumptions and major limitations of these approaches will be reviewed so that a critical understanding of them can be elicited to enable participants to make their own judgments on the various issues involved. The objective is to engender an intellectual discourse on environmental values from a socio-ethical context, in the light of the environmental crisis that confronts mankind today.



Date: 2 October 2004

Time: 9.00am 1.00pm

Fee: S$80.00 (incl. of GST)

Venue: Executive Room 5

School of Design &


4 Architecture Drive

Singapore 117566



About the Speaker


Dr Ho Hua Chew has an MSc. In Landscape Ecology, Design & Management (Imperial College) as well as an MSc. in Applied Ecology & Conservation (University of East Anglia). He obtained his Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Washington and had for many years taught a course on environmental ethics in the Philosophy Department of the National University of Singapore.



About the Organisers

Introduction to Environmental Ethics

The Nature of Ethical Judgments and Debates

The Anthropocentric World-view

  • Anthropocentrism
  • Resource Environmentalism
  • On the Need to Transcend Anthropocentric Ethics


Biocentric (Individualistic) Ethics

  • Animal Liberation
  • Limitations of Animal Liberation
  • Respect for Life Ethics
  • Limitations of the Respect for life Ethics


Ecocentric (Holistic) Ethics

  • Key Ecological Concepts/Principles
  • The Land Ethic
  • Limitation of the Land Ethics



The Master of Science (Environmental Management) is a multi-disciplinary graduate programme of the National University of Singapore. It is mounted jointly by key faculties in the university and is hosted by the School of Design and Environment. It provides a broad-based approach to the training of environmental managers, integrating the core subjects of environmental law, science, technology, economics, business, environmental management and assessment, and urban planning.







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Deadline: 25th September 2004