Scholarships and Financial Assistance

MEM ASEAN Graduate Scholarship

Applicants for the full-time MEM programme from any member country of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) (excluding Singapore) are eligible to apply for the MEM ASEAN Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship, which is tenable for the duration of the student’s candidature, covers the tuition fees, books allowance, travel costs, and a monthly stipend. Details of the rules of the ASEAN scholarship can be found here.

Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship

The ADB-Japan scholarship is open to all full-time candidates who are nationals of member countries of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) who apply for the August intake of the MEM Programme. More information on this scholarship is available here.

To apply for the scholarship, an applicant should submit an ADB-Japan Scholarship Application Form together with the application for the MEM programme. The ADB-Japan Scholarship Application Form can be downloaded here. A letter of certification from the applicant's employer stating the applicant’s current salary is required as part of the application.

Applicants should note that the ADB-Japan Scholarship is open for application for the August intake of students only.

The NUSS Scholarship

The Scholarship

The National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) Scholarship was established in 2010 by NUSS to encourage studies in environmental management and to assist impassioned students of this discipline who are in financial need. The goal is to facilitate and allow worthy participation in this masters programme.

NUSS provides two scholarships of S$6,000 each per academic year.

The recipients of the NUSS scholarships should be Singapore citizens or foreign students who will work in Singapore for a minimum period of three years after graduation.

Selection Criteria

The scholarships are awarded to candidates who have applied to take the MEM programme and who satisfy the following criteria:

  • meet the entry requirements of the programme
  • demonstrate scholastic aptitude (gauged from the grades)
  • demonstrate leadership potential (gauged from the candidate's essay and performance at an interview).

Application and Selection Process

The application and selection process is specially dedicated to this (NUSS) scholarship. The process is as follows:

  • Prospective students apply for the scholarships as part of the application for admission to the MEM programme.
  • Each applicant submits a two-page ( single-line spaced) essay on a topic suggested by the scholarships committee.
  • The NUSS MEM Scholarship Committee reviews all the applications and prepare a shortlist of the most eligible ones.
  • The NUSS MEM Scholarship Committee interviews each of the shortlisted candidates and selects the recipients.

If there are no worthy candidates in any particular year, no scholarship will be awarded to any of the students. If only one candidate satisfies the criteria of the award in a particular year, only one scholarship will be awarded that year.

TAN CHAY BING Scholarship

The Scholarship

The Tan Chay Bing Educational Foundation has given a generous grant which funds the Tan Chay Bing Scholarship. The scholarship supports financially needy and outstanding students of the MEM programme who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity, sound character, strong leadership potential, and a passion for the environment. One full scholarship is provided to: (i) an ASEAN citizen; and (ii) a non- ASEAN citizen respectively, each academic year.

Application Process

A prospective student of the MEM programme who is interested in being considered for the Tan Chay Bing Scholarship should submit an application for the scholarship when applying for admission to the programme.

The selection of the winners of the scholarship is made by a committee after the admission process for the intake concerned has been finalised.


The Shell Companies in Singapore supports the MEM programme and provides an annual grant for prizes, research, publications and bursaries. These bursaries are open to full-time students on the programme, who have achieved an acceptable level of academic performance, and who demonstrate that they are in need of financial support to complete the programme within the stated maximum period of candidature.

The Tan Chay Bing Bursaries are granted to full-time students of the MEM programme who are in need of financial support.