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Today’s vibrant green building market is arguably the single most encouraging trend for ushering in clean and resilient economies. More than ninety countries feature private-public green building councils and government programs to spur market development. In some countries, more than half of all new commercial office buildings are now certified "green". And in Singapore, building industry executives anticipate a greater percentage of green projects than anywhere else in the world.

What’s remarkable about this market surge is that just fifteen years ago, there was no widespread understanding of what "green building" even meant! Let alone widespread examples of green homes, offices, hospitals and factories or ready access to skilled practitioners to design and build them. Even more surprising is this rapid pace of change unfolding in an industry historically slow to innovate.

What’s behind this remarkable market transformation? Are green building trends on track to address environmental and social challenges that are accelerating, scaling up, and becoming increasingly interconnected – particularly in Asia where much of the world’s rapid urbanization is occurring? What are the current drivers and obstacles to higher levels of performance and deeper penetration into existing and new developments?

As the first CEO for the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy, Christine goes behind the scenes to share stories of how the green building market and popular LEED rating system evolved. She points to inspiring examples of green buildings and urban developments in the U.S. and Asia to showcase best practices, lessons learned and emerging trends. Finally, Christine explores several key policy actions that could accelerate greening our urban landscape in Asia and around the world.

The Second Asia Environment Lecture 2014- The Green Economy: Will Asia Embrace It?, Dr Marco Lambertini, Director-General, WWF International, 7 October 2014

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