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Congratulations! Class of 2018
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Keynote address by Guest-of-Honour, the Hon. Mr. Masagos Zulkifli
Minister for the Environment and Water Resources (forth from the left) at the MEM's 15th Anniversary

Applications for the August 2019 intake of students (for the first semester of 2019-2020), will start on 15 October 2018 – 15 January 2019.

Applicants must submit online applications at https://inetapps.nus.edu.sg/GDA2/Home.aspx

For details of the application and admission process, please refer to Graduate Degree Programmes website: http://sde.nus.edu.sg/acad/SDE_GradProg_overview.html

MSc (Environmental Management) programme candidates must submit personal statement. Please write a brief account of yourself, reasons for wanting to pursue the programme and employment history and experience gained from your work. The statement must not be more than 400 words.

Important: The University has not engaged any external agencies to undertake student recruitments on its behalf. Candidates interested in our graduate programmes are advised to apply directly to the University and not through any agents. Candidates who apply through agents will not have any added advantage in gaining admission, and the University reserves the right to reject such applications without giving reasons.


Best Presentation Award in the 11th Asia-Pacific Conference on Transportation and the Environment

Asst Prof Ong Ghim Ping Raymond from NUS Civil and Environmental Engineering and his graduate student Mr Leong Jia Yong, M.Sc (Environmental Management) student from NUS School of Design and Environment won the best presentation award at the 11th Asia-Pacific Conference on Transportation and the Environment held in Malang, Indonesia on 18-19 October 2018. This award was selected from the 72 papers presented in the conference. The presentation and paper entitled “Sun-to-Heel Energy Efficiency for Transportation Fuels” looks into defining a new metric for transportation energy efficiency suitable for use in urban cities and has the potential for future applications in urban and transportation development towards achieving car-lite and sustainable cities.

18 - 19 Oct

6th Asia Environment Lecture

Dr Richard L. Sandor, Chairman and CEO of the American Financial Exchange (AFX), spoke at the annual event on “Financial Innovation: The Convergence of Environment and Finance”. It was attended by close to 200 policy-makers, investors, financial analysts, environmental management consultants, faculty and students. This lecture was generously supported by City Developments Ltd, Singapore's leading “green” developer.


Yale Dean visits SDE

Dr Indy Burke visited NUS SDE during her one week trip to Singapore in March and gave a talk on “The role of universities in creating environmental knowledge and preparing environmental leaders? Nimbleness—the necessary and elusive ingredient”. She discussed the topical and outreach challenges faced by universities in their structures of interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching which included the human response to emerging needs, especially in the field of environment where it is constantly evolving.


5th Asia Environment Lecture

The National University of Singapore (NUS) partners the City Developments Limited and National Parks Board for the fifth installment of its flagship event – the Asia Environment Lecture. This year's theme is on "Birds, Humans and our Sustainable Future", and features the CEO of Birdlife International, Ms Patricia Zurita. Watch the video here.


Conference on Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals – Environmental Law, Policy & Management

2016 is a year of milestones. This year, the NUS APCEL, MEM and BES programmes, got together to celebrate its 20th, 15th and 5th Anniversaries respectively. The event was filled with a line-up of distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The themes were focused on the law, policy, science and management of SDG Goal 12 - Sustainable Production and Consumption; Goal 13 - Climate Action; Goal 14 - Life below Water (Sustainable Oceans); and Goal 15 - Life on Land (Biodiversity Conservation).

Click here for the full video montage.


4th Asia Environment Lecture

On 11 Nov 2016, Dr Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute, started the lecture on “Growing, Growing, Gone? How to Prosper while Protecting the Global Commons” by painting a sober picture of where we have been in the past and where we are now in terms of prosperity. The lecture is organized jointly by the NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) programme, Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL) and NUS Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) programme. It was co-hosted by the City Developments Limited (CDL), and supported by Singapore's National Environment Agency as well as the National Parks Board.

Watch the video here


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